Interior Design, Roundup, Textiles

Interior Design, Roundup, Textiles

Round up :  Bird Print Wallpapers

What a daunting task to use a bold print on a wall, I have my safe favourites but for a particular project I decided to use a print that would evoke a romantic moody master room, to accommodate the taste of a feminine eclectic  Mrs and her MR.

These are the front runners

The ultimate winner here was the Tailfeather Honey Mustard wallpaper, you will truly appreciate this wallpaper when the sample arrives , it is lush !

I chose this one, as it hit the balance of a shared master room , it appeals to both the feminine and masculinity ,paired with bold stripes and geometric prints it bring out the moody romantic setting I wanted to achieve.

Which one would you choose?

-Wall Story ‘Tailfeather Honey Mustard’ | 2. Vision ‘Replik’ | Clarke & Clarke ‘Audubon’